Sourcing data to drive research, strategy and decision making.


Develop a plan for accessing the Ethiopian market.


We carry out the ground work bringing you to the finish line.

Our Background

BD’s establishment is a product of the ever changing economic climate in Ethiopia. The founding partners identified a need by small, midsize and large organisations for support in navigating the Ethiopian commercial environment. BD further adopted the by-products of strategy design & implementation to comprehensively offer a host of solutions including Company Incorporation, Corporate Governance, Digital Marketing and Due Diligence.

Who We Are

BD is a full service consultancy firm based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our team of principals and our extensive network of specialist consultants provide tailor made solutions to all our clients. The BD self-determined path is to create and implement solutions that will ensure our partner’s dynamism. BD solutions are based on professionalism, pragmatism and efficacy. In addition to our result oriented action, we strive to expand the BD network, creating a stream of opportunities for our partners and community.

We help organizations achieve high impact results with deep industry expertise.

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